Pre-K Program and Play Along by Music Together

Pre-K Program/itl:

Little Oak Nursery School provides a Pre-K program that is taught in a developmentally appropriate environment with hands on experiences. Our kindergarten readiness program is provided to children the year before they are to enter Kindergarten or Transitional Kindergarten. All children in their last year of preschool before entering kindergarten or a Transitional Kindergarten program will be included in our graduation ceremony held in June.

We use a phonics based reading and writing program called “itl” (rhymes with “little”). Children listen to stories about characters (alphabet letters turned into animals) that make funny noises (the major speech sounds represented by the letters). They will then color the animals, cut them out and glue them on craft sticks to make their very own letter characters! They will also draw the letter-animals, and practice writing the individual letters with the goal of eventually writing words and short sentences.

All twenty-six lowercase letters are taught before we focus on the capital letters. Each letter is introduced according to its writing difficulty, rather than the traditional alphabet order. We will stress the speech sounds represented by the letters, rather than their names in the alphabet. This way, when children see words in print, they are able to sound out and read the word. This gives the children a strong foundation for pre-reading and writing skills.

Our Pre-K program also includes emphasis on numbers, colors, shapes, large and small motor activities, self-help skills, and group work. All children learn at their own pace. The goal in our Pre-K program is for each child to feel confident and successful.

Play Along by Music Together:

Little Oak Nursery School proudly participates in Play Along by Music Together. The Play Along Program allows the teachers at Little Oak to incorporate award winning music into your child’s day at preschool. The program includes singing, dancing, playing instruments, and engaging in fun developmentally appropriate activities.

A family materials fee of $42 is charged once per school year for the Music Together Program. This fee covers the cost of materials provided for each family to take home and keep. All other fees associated with the Music Together Program will be paid by Little Oak Nursery School unless otherwise notified.

Music Learning Supports All Learning®

Music Together program models are designed to support children in achieving basic music competence—the ability to “speak” the language of music. The pleasure of singing, dancing, moving, and playing instruments with others engages children, and can lead them to full participation in school, and family music-making at home. In addition, Music Together activities support children’s development in the following domains:

  • Music Learning and Development
  • Language Development and Emergent Literacy
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Cognition and General Knowledge
  • Physical and Motor Development
  • Approaches to Learning