School Fees

Little Oak Nursery School is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 1:00pm. We have a two day option of  Tuesday/Thursday, a three day option of Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and a five day option of Monday through Friday. Tuition and fees are nonrefundable.

Two Day Option (Tuesday/Thursday)—$400.00 a month

Three Day Option (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)—$570.00 a month

Five Day Option (Monday through Friday)—$850.00 a month

* Tuition fees for the month of August will be prorated for the partial month.

Registration Fee:

A registration fee of $125 will be charged at the time of enrollment and annually in March thereafter to hold a space for the coming school year. If multiple children from the same family enroll the registration fee is $175 per family. If a family enrolls mid/late in the school year the fee will be prorated (this only applies to the current school year). This fee is non-refundable.

Music Together:

A family materials fee of $42 is charged once per school year for the Music Together Program.

Sibling Discount:

A discount of 10% off the monthly tuition is given when two children enroll from the same family. When three children enroll from the same family the discount is 15%.


We offer a $100 discount off one months tuition when you refer a family who enrolls. The newly enrolled family will also receive $100 off one months tuition.

*Modifications: A 30 day notice will be given to families regarding any changes in rates.


A 30 day notice must be given to the director to discontinue enrollment. Fees must be paid for the final 30 days, even if the child does not continue to attend Little Oak Nursery School.